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Sgt Chip Charlton and Mr. Woofles By JimMedway


Book review by Sidney, aged 8 and a half.


A crime fighting spy in the mounted police? With a dog instead of a horse?


This book is about a man called Chip Charlton and his dog Mister Woofles. They are a crime solving twosome in Canada working for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. It's a bit strange that Sgt. Charlton works in the Mounted Police, because he is scared of horses and doesn't even have one!


This book is a cartoon book with individual stories of the pair's adventures.


My favourite character in the book is Mr Woofles, who is a sausage dog. I particularly liked the part where he got dressed up as a racoon, so he could sneak into camp in disguise to find out what the protesters were doing. It was sooooooooooooooooooo funny!


I also liked how part of the story is in black and white and the other part is coloured. The pictures were good and helped me to understand the story better.


I think everyone would like this book. I think it's suitable for anyone aged 6 to 118.

Sgt Chip Charlton and Mr. Woofles By Jim Medway


Book review by Hattie, aged 12.


Tried tracking down thieves or arrested a train passenger? Sgt. Chip Charlton has!


SGT CHIP CHARLTON AND MISTER WOOFLES is a comic book based on the adventures that Charlton and Mister Woofles get up to. Sgt. Chip Charlton, working alongside his trusty partner Mr Woofles, manages to solve crimes and investigate suspicious behaviour. The team aren’t brilliant on the job at first, but they quickly manage to work together and crack the cases. Although Mr Woofles may have a weak stomach, it can sometimes prove handy in the most peculiar circumstances.


The main character in these stories is Sgt. Chip. The sergeant picks his dashchund buddy over the conventional equine sidekick to help him serve with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and together they serve strong.


My favourite part was during the story of where Sgt. Chip and Mister Woofles were trying to track down a particular D.Parks and in doing so, they captured a series of other suspects…


I think the illustrations of this comic really help to tell the stories and really add to the atmosphere of it all. They are also very detailed which gives the reader more ideas as to what is happening in the current scene.


I enjoyed reading this book as I didn’t find it too challenging, but at the same time I wanted to carry on reading. I think this book is aimed at readers who are looking to extend their vocabulary and who like a sense of adventure. This is also a book that younger readers might want to read with a parent/carer to help them understand some of the larger words, or just share to enjoy it.


I feel like Sgt. chip Charlton and Mr. Woofles is a book that gives a sense of suspense to the reader and gives a feel of anticipation.


Derek the Sheep: Let's Bee Friends by Gary Northfield


A comic strip review by Jessica, aged 10.


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