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Sgt. Chip Charlton and Mister Woofles


A book that will genuinely appeal to all generations of comics readers. Medway’s art has an accessible clarity but his pages are also densely packed with an engaging use of colour and a noticeable sense of energy to his panel-to-panel storytelling.

Derek The Sheep


An absolute gem. With its eclectic collection of characters and absurdist humour that reminds me of the work of Glen Dakin and James Turner, Derek the Sheep is a wonderful invention. Its success is well deserved.

Derek the Sheep


With Derek The Sheep we have that rarest of things; a new British comedy strip that works on an incredibly simple level but manages to be a perfect experience for children and grown ups alike. If, like me, you have fond memories of getting your Beano annual every year, you’ll find Derek The Sheep the perfect replacement as a present for the Beano fan you may know. Heck, it’s perfect even if they aren’t. It’s even perfect as a great present to yourselves. Go on, treat yourselves. You deserve a sit down with a drink and a book that’s guaranteed to make you smile.


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