Donny Digits front cover

Donny Digits: Heroes! Heists! Hot Dogs!

by Woodrow Phoenix

Donny Digits is the Fixingest Boy Alive! Any machine that goes wrong, from a toaster to an ocean liner, anything at all that requires repairing, Donny can do it with the contents of his pockets and whatever is lying around. He’s like a one man International Rescue crossed with Bob The Builder and his abilities are celebrated across the nation. Everybody loves Donny!

But would they still love him if they knew his secret? Donny has a twin brother, Dylan – and he’s a menace! Everything he touches falls to bits! That’s right – he is The Breakingest Boy Alive! Can Donny save the day and keep his secret under wraps?

Woodrow Phoenix a writer, artist, and graphic designer based in London and Cambridge. His varied output has regularly appeared in national newspapers including The Guardian and The Independent, in comics and magazines across Europe, the USA and Japan, and in television projects for Walt Disney and Cartoon Network. His books for adults include Sugar Buzz, Plastic Culture, the critically acclaimed Rumble Strip (Myriad). the anthology Nelson (Blank Slate) and the experimental She Lives. a gallery installation that is also a graphic novel. Or Vice Versa!

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  • Paperback 64pp £ 9.99
  • Publication date 07/10/2021
  • ISBN 978-1-9163118-0-0
  • Age 6-12 years old
  • Children's humour Comics