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Welcome To Oddleigh By Tor Freeman

Chief Inspector Jessie and Sergeant Sid are tasked with policing the town of Oddleigh. Oddleigh is no ordinary place; strange things and bizarre behaviour are the order of the day. But Jessie’s sworn to uphold the law of the town, and she's going to do it - no matter how weirdly its citizens are behaving…


"If Zootopia was a lot more like Hot Fuzz with a helping of Dr Seuss on the side, you might be half way to Tor Freeman’s tales of Oddleigh. Freeman’s art is as expressive and polished as you’d expect from her healthy pedigree in children’s books, but this is definitely a fully realised comic and makes smart work of the medium. "

Jenny Robins, The Quietus


Paperback 64pp • £9.99

Publication date - 17/09/2018

ISBN - 978-0-9955553-6-5

Age - 6-12

Children’s humour - comics


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